Blog: Notes on being a Working Artist

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What people are saying about Trixi Pudong and the Greater World:

From Seattle writer Jeff Powanda's ​blog:

"Author Audrey Mei, an indie writer, is enormously talented. I was awed by many evocative passages and thrilled by vividly described action scenes... There are brilliantly rendered dreams and terrible nightmares. There is passion, love, betrayal, and heartbreak. Through it all, the writing is vigorous and beautiful. It's a breathless page-turner." 

From Amazon readers:

"A tour de force!... Mei's descriptions of everything are richly detailed, way beyond textbook. She awakened all my senses to Edwin's world. For that, I will read it again and again over time and will gift it to others right now."

"One of those books that keep you awake for nights on end..."

"An astonishing novel, the product of an obviously imaginative, inquisitive mind."

​"It kept me awake much too often until very late when I should have been sleeping already as I wouldn't want to stop reading and turn off the light..."

​"I loved the extremely different character studies, and how the writer guided me so smoothly from one character to the next, still retaining their presence, keeping them in the background, so I wouldn’t forget them."

"This is a fantastic, hard-to-put-down book." 

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